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GSM / UMTS with pfSense®

Configure pfSense® with GSM / UMTS modules

How to

Basic Configuration: 1 WAN -> GSM/UMTS Module
O.S. Tested: pfSense® 2.1.2
Appliances tested:

SIM Installation and GSM / UMTS Configuration

  • Before inserting the SIM card into the area DISABLE PIN code of the SIM.

  • Make sure you have inserted the SIM card in the GSM module as shown in figure 1. Carefully check the direction of insertion of the SIM!

    GSM / UMTS modules

  • Interfaces menu, select (assign) then PPPs (Fig. 2). Click on the + to add un'inferfaccia.

    GSM / UMTS modules

  • Set: Link Type: PPP
    Set /dev/cua0.0 at Link Interface(s) (Fig. 3)
    Set the options according to the configurations of your SIM card (you may need to wait a few seconds for the drop-down menu to fill out).

    GSM / UMTS modules

  • Back to the menu, select the WAN interface and set the parameters:
    • IPv4: ppp
    • IPV6: none
    (Fig. 4)

    GSM / UMTS modules

  • Apply the configuration.

    GSM / UMTS modules